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EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Portable Power Station 1800W 1260Wh

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EcoFlow DELTA 1300 

Meets standard of any wall outlet, enormous energy storage capacity of 1260Wh and Pure Sine Wave - Powers most home appliances, heavy-duty DIY tools, fridges, medical devices, and other essentials under 1800W (3300W Surge)

Powers upto 13 devices simultaneously, multiple outlets including six 1800W AC wall outlets - EcoFlow DELTA fits with every port you’ll ever need to power any devices anywhere and can power upto 13 devices simultaneously: 6x AC OUTLETS: Fridge, TV, Light, Fry Pan, Blender and Coffee Machine; 2x 60W USB-C: MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch; 4x USB-A: Smart Phones, Speaker and Tablets; 1x 13.6V CAR PORT: Car Fridge or Vacuum Cleaner.

Charges from 0%-80% within 1 hour with the patent X-Stream Technology – EcoFlow’s patent X-Stream technology empowers EcoFlow DELTA to recharge at 10 times the speed of most battery powered stations in the market.

Fast charge via solar and car: Fully charge it through a 12/24V car port in 10 hours. With 4x110W solar panel input, you can fully recharge your EcoFlow DELTA in four hours under perfect sunlight.



Capacity: 1260Wh (50.4V)

Net Weight: 30.9lbs (14kg)

Dimension: 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in (40 x 21 x 27 cm)

Charge Temperature: 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)

Discharge Temperature: -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C)


AC Output (x6): 1800 Watt total (Surge 3300 W), 120Vac (60Hz)

USB-A Output (x2): 5V DC, 2.4A, 12W Max, per port

USB-A Fast Charge (x2): 5V DC,2.4A / 9V DC,2A / 12V DC,1.5A, 18W Max, per port

USB-C Output (x2): 5/9/12/15/20V DC, 3A, 60W Max, per port

Car Power Output (x1): 108.8W, 13.6V DC, 8A max


AC Charge Input Power: X-Stream charge (1200W max)

AC Charge Input Voltage: 100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz)

Solar Charge Input: 400W 10-65V DC 10A max

Car Charger: 12V/24V Battery 8A


Charge Method: AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel

Full Recharge Time: 1.6 Hours (AC), 10-12 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor), 4-8 Hours (Using 4x 110W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun), 3.5-7 Hours (Using 3x 160W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun), 4-8 Hours (Using 1x400W Solar Panel with full sun)


Cell Type: Lithium-ion

Cycle Life: 800 Cycles to 80%+ capacity

Protection: Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection.

Cell Type: 18650

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Package Contents

What's in the Box? 


24 months warranty by the manufacturer

Frequently Bought Together

EcoFlow 400W portable solar panel - You can connect 1x400W EcoFlow Solar Panel with your EcoFlow DELTA to fully charge in 4-8 hours with full sun.

EcoFlow 220W portable solar panel - Recharge your EcoFlow DELTA with upto two EcoFlow 220W Portable Solar Panels.

EcoFlow 160W portable solar panel - You can connect 3x 160W EcoFlow Solar Panel with your EcoFlow DELTA to fully charge in 3.5-7 hours with full sun.

EcoFlow 110W portable solar panel - You can connect 4x 110W EcoFlow Solar Panel in parallel to fully charge your EcoFlow DELTA in 4-8 hours with full sun.

EcoFlow MC4 Solar Parallel Cable - Connects solar panels in parallel to an EcoFlow power station (DELTA/RIVER Series)

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Harness the power of the sun.

Connect DELTA to three 160W solar panels to fully charge in just 3.5-7 hours with full sun. Alternatively, you can connect DELTA to four 110W solar panels to fully charge in 4-8 hours with full sun.



What battery does the product use?

It uses high-quality lithium-ion battery.

What devices can the product’s AC output port power?

With 1800W rated power and 3300W peak power, the product’s AC output port can power most household appliances. Before you use it, we recommend that you confirm the power of the appliances first and ensure the power sum of all loaded appliances is lower than the rated power.

How long can the product charge my devices?

The charging time is shown on the product’s LCD Screen, which can be used to estimate the charging time of most appliances with stable power usage.

How can I know if the product is charging?

When it’s charging, the remaining charging time will be shown on the LCD Screen. Meanwhile, the charging indicator icon begins to rotate with the remaining battery percentage and the input power shown on the right of the circle.

How to clean the product?

Please gently wipe it with a dry, soft, clean cloth or paper towel.

How to store the product?

Before storing, please turn off the product first, and then store it in a dry, ventilated place at room temperature. Do not place it near water sources. For long-term storage, please discharge the battery to 30% and recharge it to 60% every three months to extend its battery life.

Can I bring the product on a plane?


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