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EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner and Heater with Add-on Battery

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EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner with Heater + WAVE 2 Add-On Battery

Fastest cooling portable air conditioner that also works as a fast speed portable heater - EcoFlow WAVE 2 gives huge 5100 BTU of cooling power (cooling mode) and whopping 6100 BTU of heating power (heating mode) that takes only 5 minutes to either drop or increase the temperature by 18℉ (10℃) for a ≤ 10m² space. This is pretty much instant cooling or heating for camper van, small room or a 6 person tent.

As it is designed for compact spaces like RVs, trucks, boats, cabins, tents and small rooms, no installation is needed -  WAVE 2 is a great choice for users who enjoy spending time outdoors - camping or traveling with their truck, recreational vehicle or van. With no installation needed, fit it in any small space to enjoy cool or warm air anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use. No drainage required in cooling mode due to its built-in evaporation system. While using heating mode, users need to drain water through pipe.

Perfect upgrade from EcoFlow WAVE 1, powerful and light weight - 20% smaller than previous generation while 27% more powerful, WAVE 2 weighs only 14.5 Kgs (32 lbs). 

Thanks to the huge 1159Wh capacity of the add-on WAVE 2 battery, WAVE 2 can be used completely off-grid and wireless with all-night long (8 hours) cooling run time in Eco Mode.

As WAVE 2 does not have any built-in battery, WAVE 2 add-on battery enables EcoFlow WAVE 2 charging. WAVE 2 can be charged by any of these 4 methods - 

  • Standard AC Outlet
  • Car Outlet. Car Charging Input - 12V/24V⎓8A, 200W max
  • Portable Power Station - You can also use any portable power station with a 820W input to charge your WAVE 2.
  • Solar Panel. Solar Input Specifications - 11-60V⎓13A, 400W max

Get efficient run time of WAVE 2 with EcoFlow ecosystem -  Use EcoFlow DELTA 2, DELTA Max or DELTA Pro power station as a DC power source to run EcoFlow WAVE 2 efficiently.

  • 7 hrs. run time in Eco Mode with DELTA 2 - Connect to DELTA 2  via XT150 to XT150 Cable (included when you buy both DELTA 2 and WAVE 2 together).
  • 14 hrs. run time in Eco Mode with DELTA Max - Connect to DELTA Max  via XT150 to XT150 Cable (included when you buy both DELTA Max and WAVE 2 together).
  • 24 hrs. run time in Eco Mode with DELTA Pro - Connect to DELTA Pro using XT150 to XT150 Cable (included when you buy both DELTA Max and WAVE 2 together) and DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adaptor (needs to be purchased separately)

WAVE 2 supports smart remote control through EcoFlow app and has multiple modes including -

    • Fast Mode - Get cooled/heated the fastest
    • Sleeping Mode - Get a quiet night sleep in the most quiet option at only 44db noise level.
    • Eco Mode - Get 8 hrs. long run time with the add-on WAVE2 battery (sold separately)

A greener way to beat the heat - WAVE 2 uses R290 which is a eco-friendly, natural refrigerant with no ozone emission.

The detachable add-on WAVE 2 battery can also be used by itself to charge your USB devices including phone and tablet through its USB-A and USB-C output ports. WAVE 2 battery can even be used as an add-on battery for DELTA 2!

WAVE 2 Specifications

General -

Cooling Power - 5100 BTU / 1500W

Heating Power - 6100 BTU / 1800W

Cooling area - ≤ 10m² space

Temperature Setting Range - 16°C-30°C (60°F-86°F)

Air Flow Volume - 290m³/h

Charging Method using WAVE 2 Add-on Battery - AC outlet / Power Station / Car Outlet / Solar Panel

Mode - Cooling mode / Heating mode / Fan mode / Fast mode / Sleeping mode / Eco mode

No-Drain Function - Supported (in cooling state)

Overflow Shutdown Function - Supported

Noise Level - 44-56dB

Rated Running Power - AC: 550W / DC: 495W

Supported through EcoFlow App - Yes

Dimensions - 20.4 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches / 518×297×336 mm

Weight - Appx. 32 lbs / 14.5 Kgs

Waterproof Rating - IPX4

Input -

AC Input - 100-240V~50/60Hz, 820W max

Car Charging Input - 12V/24V⎓8A, 200W max

Solar Input - 11-60V⎓13A, 400W max

External Battery Pack Input - 700W max

WAVE 2 Add-on Battery Specifications

Capacity -  1159Wh

Max. Output Power - 820W

XT150 Output Power - 712W max

Extra Output Port 1 - USB-C 100W

Extra Output Port 2 - USB-A 18W

Battery Life - 2-8 hours

Battery Life Cycle - 80%+ capacity after 800 cycles

Battery Chemistry - NCM

IP Rating - IP65

Weight - Appx. 7.8kg / 17.2lbs

Dimensions - 515 x 272 x 92 mm / 20.3 x 10.7 x 3.6 in

XT150 Input Power - 857W max

Click to view User Manual - EcoFlow WAVE 2

Click to view User Manual for EcoFlow WAVE 2 Add-on Battery.


EcoFlow WAVE 2 - Manufacturer EcoFlow offers 12 months warranty period. Free Warranty Extension - Get additional 12 months of warranty by registering your warranty at within first 3-4 weeks of your purchase. Warranty extension is at no extra cost.

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Add-on Battery - Manufacturer EcoFlow offers 24 months warranty period. 

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Garry Sandeen
Thumbs UP!

At first I was skeptical about this vendor and did my due diligence. I talked to power and portable customer service the first time asking if they were an authorized Ecoflow dealer and she offered me Ecoflow's number to call to verify which I declined. I contacted Ecoflow directly and after a couple of days they sent me an email saying the power and portable was an accredited Ecoflow vendor. I talked to power and portable customer service again on Monday 6/23 and told the lady that I needed the Wave 2 by that Friday 6/30. She was very helpful and said it could be done and it was. She followed up on shipments and sent me emails directly giving updates on the movements in the warehouse. I have not had that level of customer care so if your wondering if you should give you're had earned money to this vendor I say go for it. I had my Wave 2 in my motor home Friday afternoon and was off for the 4 day weekend. The Wave 2 is truly a game changer. 93F and no problems sleeping on batteries. I've been working at 24x7 365 solar AC for a decade and I have achieved that goal with this Ecoflow product one svelte swoop plus it has heat!

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